LP Gold Camp / Red Lake, Ontario

The LP Gold Project area covers approximately 4,734 acres (1,917 ha) across 94 mining claims within the new emerging LP Fault Gold camp, south of Red Lake, Ontario

  • The LP Gold Project is well-situated in what is emerging as Ontario’s newest gold discovery camp with potential for large-scale gold deposits – the area historically produced approximately 30 Moz of gold.


  • Staked in 2018, the LP Gold Project predates the LP Fault discovery by Great Bear Resources in mid-2019. 


  • Heli-borne magnetic surveys completed in 2019 by LP Gold Corp. successfully extended the LP Fault structure from the adjacent Dixie Gold Project held by Great Bear Resources Ltd. across the LP Gold Project. 


  • Canadian GoldCamps plans to follow-up exploration to-date with immediate field work with a view to ready exploration drilling on its coverage of the LP Fault structure this coming winter.

2019 Heli-Magnetic Survey (50m)